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दिल ने एक बार और हमारा कहना माना हैं

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Holi is one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals celebrated in India.

Like many other festivals, Holi has ancient origins, the tradition of which is being followed since time immemorial.

The moral behind this story is the victory of good over evil which is a lesson for today’s generation.

In addition to this, Holi is celebrated at the time of the year when the harvest is in full bloom which also given people an opportunity to enjoy and rejoice.

2. Social Significance:

Holi's social significance can be seen in the message of unity and brotherhood, it delivers.

This festival is not celebrated by the Hindus only, but also by the Sikhs, Christians, Jains as well.

It is celebrated by all irrespective of them being rich or poor, different caste, religion, etc. People pay visits to their close friends and relatives and celebrate the festival with the spirit of brotherhood and bonhomie.

3. Spiritual Significance:

If you want to celebrate this festival in a truly spiritual manner, then the preparation must start from Maha Shivratri.

There are many beliefs associated with this festival.

It is said that if rice mixed with ghee is offered to Lord Hanuman on this day, then all troubles, sadness, and fears can be beaten.

It is also said that people who worship Lord Krishna with full faith and concentration on the holi day, go to heaven.

As per Puranas, it is said that on this day Lord Shiva got furious, opened his third eye, and Kaamdev was burnt who is the Lord of desire.

Hence, many people celebrate this festival by burning some objects of their desire.

4. Biological Significance:

During Holi, people clean their houses and removes clutter thereby ensures positive energy.

It is celebrated at the time of climate change from winters to summers.

People feel lazy and drowsy.

Holi provides them the opportunity to wear off their laziness by dancing, singing, playing with colors, and enjoying thoroughly.

India is a land of fairs and festivals.

These festivals are not just about celebrations, traditions, prayers in fact each festival is a multifaceted celebration.

Holi is a beautiful festival, but freedom is not something everyone can handle.

So yes, there is a bad side to this festival too.

Make sure you take care of yourself and don’t harm others, and you may end up having one of the best times of your life.

I want to name this festival through a very simple Hindi song and the lyrics are: –

“Holi Ke Din Dil Khil Jaate Hain Rangon Men Rang Mil Jaate Hain

Gile Shiqave Bhuul Ke Dosto Dushman Bhi Gale Mil Jaate Hain”. This means:

On Holi day hearts come together, and colors mix together, By forgetting our disputes and complaints, even enemies come and embrace each other.

As we all know the corona threat still exists. So better take care of yourself.


1) Always buy organic and natural colors

2) Wear old and ragged clothes that can be discarded easily after Holi

3) If you are traveling, keep the windows shut. It’s better to avoid traveling on the day of Holi

4) While washing colors, use lukewarm water and keep your eyes closed

5) Maintain the true spirit of Holi by celebrating it with your close friends and relatives.


1) Discourage the use of eggs, mud, dirty water while playing Holi.

2) Avoid drinking alcohol, Bhaang, or any other hard drinks.

3) Do not apply harmful colors on others or do not throw balloons from a long distance on anyone as it can hurt the external organs.

4) Play friendly Holi and try to celebrate it with your known ones, not with unknown people.

5) Don’t walk alone on the street. Avoid wasting water on the day of Holi.

6) Do not run or jump on the wet floors as it can be dangerous.

7) Avoid listening to loud music. Don’t disturb others. It is a festival of colors, a harbinger of the spring season, and not a dirty game.

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